So, what is the giftguru all about? Well it’s about taking the hassle out of gifting. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

We are obsessed with gifts, buying them, wrapping them but most importantly delivering them and seeing the happy faces of recipients. We love the conceptualisation, that is coming up with ideas for thoughtful and unique gifts, even wrapping them.


Except for balls. Who enjoys wrapping balls, as in Footballs, Basketballs, Spheres in general? No one.

There really is nothing better than being presented, even by surprise, with a nicely presented present.

Whether it’s a little trinket or an expensive investment piece we can fufill your wishes, deliver to your recipient and convey their Thanks.

Sometimes the unexpected gift is the one that makes you smile. I recently opened my front door one morning to find a little bag with a Halloween Witch doorbell inside. My next door neighbour had dropped off a little Halloween treat for my six year old. When he saw it his little face lit up. Such a thoughtful little gift, out of the blue, made a little boy’s week.

Infact it entertained two little boys as the one year old loved the loud witches cackle it made when a button was pressed! These are the toys that are the bane of parents’ lives. Only joking!

It doesn’t take much to really surprise and delight anyone.
There isn’t a person alive from 2 to 92 who doesn’t like a surprise!