It’s Autumn and time for Hygge. I am a big fan of Hygge, which is the Danish art of self love in winter.  Enjoying the warmer clothes, the use of candles in the house, the warm glow of a real fire. I’m a huge fan of smelly candles everywhere. You can’t go wrong in winter with a few candles flickering in the background as the rain pitter patters on the window.

Hygge is where it’s at. Gifting yourself lovely things to enjoy over the winter is one way to celebrate Hygge. Maybe it’s a new pajamas, or even better some new bedding for your bed. A little candle can be bought for as little as €1.50.

Maybe it’s a box of Pukka Herbal Tea. Rose, camomile and lavender are lovely together in a blend. If you are under the weather with a cold or flu ( it’s the season for those too..) maybe something with Turmeric in like a pumpkin or butternut squash soup. It’s all about feeling warm and cosy.

Better yet enjoy the cosiness after a hike in the woods or a trip to the pumpkin patch. We’ve been to Curraghchase Garden Centre the last two years and it was really excellent. You can’t help but have fun!